Inburgeren Nederlands leren NT2

Dutch course – NT2

Dutch lessons (if Dutch is your second language) – NT2

How can you sign up for a course?

You can sign up by downloading the form, printing it and sending it without stamps to:


T.a.v. afdeling Educatie

Antwoordnummer 373

1780 VB Den Helder

You can also sign up online with the buttons ‘sign up’ and choose the lessons you want to follow.

After you have signed up you will receive a phone call or an e-mail to make an appointment for a conversation. During this conversation you will talk with a teacher about what you want to learn. You can ask questions and get more information about the lessons. After the conversation you will get an e-mail or a letter with an invitation for the first lesson.

Download form

Sign-up online for literacy - NT2

Sign-up online for Dutch as second language - beginners

Sign-up online for Dutch as second language - advanced

How much are the lessons?

The lessons are free. The commune pays for the lessons and the books.

Contact and more information

You can call us:

• 06 - 35 12 24 81 (Hoorn and surroundings)

• 06 - 58 84 92 15 (Hollands Kroon, Alkmaar and surroundings)

• 0223 - 611 200 (Den Helder, Schagen and Texel).

You can also mail us:

Do you need help to find the right information or to sign up? You can contact a Taalhuis nearby. Click here for more information.

Is Dutch not your first language?

Do you want to learn to talk better, do you want to be able to listen, read, write and know more Dutch words?

Then you can take lessons with us.

Which lessons can you take with us?

• Literacy (you cannot read and write)

• Beginners course Dutch (level 0 to A2)

• Follow up course Dutch (level B1 to B2, state exam training possible as well)

• Conversation course (talking Dutch).

How many hours will you study?

You get one lesson per week. One lesson takes 2,5 hours.

You can get lessons in:

- the morning

- the afternoon

- the evening.

You also have to practise at home. That takes about 3 hours per week.

Where can you take lessons with us?

There are lessons in Alkmaar, Castricum, Den Helder, Enkhuizen, Grootebroek, Heerhugowaard,

Hoorn, Kreileroord, Medemblik, Schagen, Texel and Wieringerwerf.

When can you take lessons with us?

• You are 18 years or older

• You live in one of the following communes: Alkmaar or Bergen or Castricum or Den Helder or Dijk en Waard or Drechterland or Enkhuizen or Heiloo or Hollands Kroon or Hoorn or Koggenland or Medemblik or Opmeer or Schagen or Stede Broec or Texel or Uitgeest.

• You are not required to follow the integration course.